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Diamond Studs

Timeless, fit for any occasion, and worn at eye-level, diamond
studs are a staple in every woman's jewelry collection.

Gain access to the largest US inventory of diamond studs,
from every size, quality, and price point, ranging from 0.25
CTW all the way up to 12 CTW studs. Available for overnight
shipping at a moment's notice for any memo call.

Customize your own stud program and scale up your
inventory for special events. Offer clients lifetime trade ups
and watch your sales increase.

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Diamond Jewelry Essentials

Here at Earstuds USA, we are your one stop shop for Bread
and Butter mounted goods, in all sizes, color, and clarity, all
available on memo.

Whether you have a specific call you need to meet, or just
buying for stock, have peace of mind knowing that you can
find everything you may need, here with us.

With a huge selection of Diamond Earstuds, Tennis Bracelets,
In/Out Hoop Earrings, Tennis Necklaces, and Diamonds-by-
the-Yard; our readymade jewelry is available at a moment's
notice to restock your store with any essential or custom-
made piece that your client is looking for.

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Full Memo House

We do everything on memo, from big to small, no purchase necessary, and we send multiple options to make the customer happy.

Earstuds USA is a full memo house. What does this mean? To us, this means that any call you have, any inquiry, no matter the size, color or clarity, you will get it on memo. From as small as 0.25ctw and up, it will be on your desk the next morning.

The advantage of working with us is our huge variety of goods. We have everything on hand, ready to ship at a moments notice to meet your call. We are a leader in larger sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6 ctw and up, and specialize in round and princess cut studs.

In addition when you memo with us, we don’t just send one option, we send multiple. We want to make sure your customer doesn’t go anywhere else, that he has everything he needs, right there in your store.

We offer long term memo’s for holidays (valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc) and store events to help stock your showcase.

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scale up for events earstuds usa

Scale Up For Events

We come to your store, ship you goods that are already mounted and tagged, ready to show and sell. We partner with you on advertisement and everything. If you market and advertise, you will have a phenomenal event.

Partner with us for studs or jewelry events! Give us a time and a date, and we will curate a whole selection of goods, mounted and tagged, ready to show your customers.

During the event, offer your customers the largest selection in the nation of diamond studs and jewelry to find that perfect gift for any upcoming holiday or celebration, and at a discounted rate too.
It is the perfect opportunity for clients to come in, enjoy free food and drinks, get their current jewelry cleaned for free, and browse our massive inventory that we bring to the store.

We will create all the media needed for the event, we just ask that you advertise to your customer base in the coming months and weeks leading up to the event. This is a great opportunity to touch base with your customers before the holiday season rolls around.

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lifetime upgrades earstuds usa

Lifetime Upgrades

We offer dollar for dollar, on everything that you buy from us, for life.

If you are upgrading/trading up you will get full value for that item. If the item is not from us, we will appraise the item and give you top dollar trade-in value towards the next jewelry item you are looking for.

*Not applicable for Lab
Grown Studs

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Inventory Programs

Earstuds USA offers very competitive diamond stud programs. Diamond studs, being the most basic bread and butter item in the industry, every jewelry store must have diamond studs in their showcase ready to go.

Earstuds USA offers very competitive diamond stud programs. Diamond studs, being the most basic bread and butter item in the industry, every jewelry store must have diamond studs in their showcase ready to go.

Whenever you have a client coming into the store shopping around, or someone coming into the store that doesn’t know what to buy, diamond studs are the go-to item. That’s why you need to have a diamond stud program.

Our motto here is “if you don’t have it, you won’t sell it”, if you have a program you have more chances to make those crucial sales.

Programs come in a variety of 6 sizes that match almost every budget. When you pick your 6 sizes, you are locked into a low-rate program price, and replacements come overnight so your tray will always be full.

We offer stud programs in both Round and Princess shapes. Rounds have 3 different quality levels to choose from, and Princess have 2. Mix and match across the different levels to best fit your store.
We also offer lab grown programs.

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inventory programs earstuds usa


If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, contact us for customization options.

We are committed to providing you all of your essential diamond jewelry needs.

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Ethical Sourcing

Earstuds USA only purchases diamonds that are “conflict-free” and makes every effort to bar conflict diamonds – diamonds mined in a war zone and sold to finance violence – from our inventory.

Our customers can rest assured that when they purchase jewelry from Earstuds USA, it was mined and procured from legitimate sources.

We offer a full line of lab grown diamond jewelry as well. When it comes to lab grown diamonds, we believe in 100% transparency. We certify and laser inscribe each lab grown diamond with IGI or GIA to give our customers peace of mind that what they are getting is authentic goods.

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